Information & Resources

Online directories, portals and information sources of tailings content. 

Global Mining Guidelines

A directory of guidance documents, project initiatives and standards. It offers an understanding of existing practices and initiatives covering mine tailings throughout the global mining industry. Compiled by the Global Mining Guidelines Group.

Global Tailings Portal

A portal providing information on mine tailings dams data, links to news and events around the around the world on mine tailings dams and resources.  


A collaboration among professional societies creating the world's largest online mining and minerals library.  Members of GMPA societies have free access to the OneMine Library. 

The following articles have been made available by IOM3 and are published in Materials World




Framing Mineral Resource Governance

Andrea Gaini

Mar 2021

Tailings Management for Engineers talk highlights systems approach

Andrew Witte

Mar 2021

Could the Brazilian dam collapse have been predicted with satellite radar imaging


Jan 2021

IOM3 investigates responsible mining – Part 1b Tailings Investor Interest

IOM Podcast

Dec 2020

Tailings – are lessons being learnt?

Michael Schwartz

Jun 2020

Auditing and analysis of mine tailings

Naomi Lee Mimm

Mar 2020