Global Action on Tailings

From management to elimination

The Global Action on Tailings is an initiative of the GMPA, engaging and connecting technical experts to advance discussions and solutions relating to tailings management, tailing reprocessing, repurposing and ultimately driving toward tailings elimination.

Following the catastrophic failure of a tailings dam at Brumadinho, Brazil in January 2019, the Global Action on Tailings (GAT) Initiative was established to address challenges concerning tailings disposal and storage.

An international taskforce is working together to build awareness and knowledge in good tailings practice as well as identifying ways for the mining industry to eventually reduce or eliminate tailings storage facilities.  A key goal is to support professionals in ways that lead to greater trust by society about industry’s ability to manage tailings risks.

Additionally, each GMPA association has established specialist tailings committees providing guidance on conferences, online technical education, publications, as well as strategic input into industry reviews and consultations.

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